Collection: Anna Kronick Ketubahs

Anna Kronick was born in the former Soviet Union, and attended Kropotkin Art School and Polygraph Art Institute in Moscow. Upon immigrating to the US she received a BFA in painting from Montserrat College and received the Andy Warhol Scholarship from NYAA to pursue an MFA in sculpture. Anna later studied restoration and traditional forms of painting at the Repin Institute in St Petersburg, where she fostered a strong interest in traditional art forms. The discovery of papercutting has enabled Anna to combine her expertise in drawing, painting and sculpture to create a unique approach to her art work. Anna's whimsical compositions incorporate traditional symbolism, movement, and poignant messages, and each artwork is imbued with her elegant lines, vivid color and emotional intensity. Anna resides in Europe.

Her Ketubah work has been a collaboration with calligrapher Pamela Feldman-Hill.