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Serigraphs & Lithographs Gallery
With a Master's Degree in Printmaking, Pamela has a large inventory of original serigraphs, lithographs, etchings and relief prints. Most of her images stem from her studies in Judaism and interest in the Land of Israel, as well as her strong background in female figurative work. All pieces shown here are limited edition, hand pulled original prints.

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Lech L'cha and Two Views of Israel

Jerusalem Scape

View from Talpiot

Creation of Alef

Jeff's Porch

Jeff's Porch II

Dreams of My Youth Before
Jerusalem Crumbling III

Lech L'cha

A Question

Creation: The First Day

Creation: The Second Day

Creation: The Third Day

Creation: The Fourth Day

Creation: The Fifth Day

Creation: The Sixth Day

Creation: The Seventh Day

Sunday Morning

Judges: 4-5 Deborah

The Assertive Woman

The Dancer



Maya and Manuscript

Sunset at Sde Boker

Why Don't You Ring

Mom's 50th

My Death Waits

Still a Little Lonely


One Last Look

Nude lino cut

Nude litho

La Esmeralda

Cinderella Complex

Pseudo Seductive Torso

All artwork on is © copyright 2000, Pamela Feldman-Hill, All Rights Reserved. Images may not be copied or saved from this web site, reproduced by any means, or used for any reason without the written persmission of Pamela Feldman-Hill.

Main Gallery of Artwork Bio & Exhibition List Contact us