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Biblical Women Gallery
Biblical characters and stories have been the central motif in much of Pamela's work. This particular body of work includes portraits of Biblical women in descriptive gestures which interpret their historic roles as mothers, lovers, martyrs and saviors. These works have been exhibited extensively in museums, galleries, Jewish community centers and federations throughout the country over the past 15 years.

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Dreams of My Youth
Before Jerusalem Crumbling V

Testament of Shelomith

Dina: Genesis 34

The Matriarchs: Sarah

NFS - For Exhibit Only

The Matriarchs: Rebekkah

NFS - For Exhibit Only

The Matriarchs:
Rachel & Leah

NFS - For Exhibit Only

Ruth's Last Look

The Sotah:
Trial of the Suspect Wife

Jephthah's Daughter:
Sacrifice and Bewailment
of Virginity

NFS - For Exhibit Only

Shiphrah & Puah:
Defiers of Power

Bathsheba: The Beauty

Queen Esther:
The Savior/Beauty

Lilith: The Spirit of Freedom
Over Paradise

Miriam and the Daughters
of the Exodus Rejoice

NFS - Sold

Lot's Daughters:
Despair to Incest

The Child Mistress

The Woman of Valor

Eve: The Submissive Wife

K'turah: Genesis 25

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Main Gallery of Artwork Bio & Exhibition List Contact us

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